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About Me

I have a lifelong love for animals. Throughout my life, dogs, cats, birds, and fish have been a part of my family. I volunteered with Humane Society as a teen and more recently with a wildlife rehabilitation center. Now, I enjoy spending time with other people’s pets as a pet care professional! 


I grew up in the Midwest and overseas, and lived in California before moving to this beautiful area a few years ago to be near family. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, a Writing Minor, and a Master’s degree in city and regional planning. I worked in civil service as a city planner for over 13 years before taking a break to explore my other interests and be more available to my family.

Aside from getting to hang out with the cast of characters who are my pet clients, I enjoy time with my own handful of a pup, born in the spring of 2020. I also write and enjoy being outdoors and on the trails, taking photos in nature, watching birds and other wildlife, walks in my neighborhood, reading, gardening, time with family, visiting with my wonderful neighbors, trips to visit and support my friends and community in other places, travel, yoga and meditation, and this path in life.

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